I was up at Sunset this Friday and, as usual, the view was absolutely amazing. There's this one spot that my friends and I usually go to that overlooks Stinson and Bolinas. I'm not sure if the whole area up there is officially named Sunset or if that's just what people call it but it's definitely one of my favorite places. It's pretty cold up there this time of year but somehow I think that it makes the view more amazing.

I drove there by myself with a book and sat reading while the sun went down. While I've had a lot of fun in the past at Sunset with friends, there are times when being alone allows me to fully feel how spectacular nature is. Hiking alone is incredibly therapeutic, especially at times when there's a lot on my mind. That and driving are probably my two favorite things to do, although I'm sure the fact that I live in such a beautiful place is the reason. 

This blog is going to be a place for me to share photos and events in my life. I'm not exactly sure what my posts will be like or if there will be a sort of theme to this blog. It might just be anything that I find interesting enough to take a photo of like this sunset, shot on iPhone 6 by the way ;) but I might share other things unrelated to photography. However it ends up, I'm going to be posting my actual photography in the galleries section of this site and I'm excited to finally have a place to showcase some of the photos I take!